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DIsplaying a list of unique values from a find

Question asked by user18614 on Jan 2, 2013
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DIsplaying a list of unique values from a find


     When searching through a table (called KPI - see below), there will be multiple entries for each date.  There is a extra field, called committed, that gets flagged when a record is marked as "complete".  Basically, I want to display of list dates where there are records that are not committed.  From there, the user will select a date, which will set the g_Selected Date global field in a table higher up in the relationship, and take them to the layout for that date.  The global field and the layout is already in use and working fine.  I just don't know how to show a list of "unique dates" from the KPI table for the selected client where the committed field is 0.  I'm also looking for suggestions on the easiest way to do this - a value list or a portal.  Of note - this database is plublished via IWP.


     Table Structure:

     Client (parent)
     - client ID
     - g_Selected Date (global field to pass date to another layout)

     Department (child; many depts linked to one client)
     - dept ID
     - client ID (linked to client table)

     KPI (grandchild; many KPIs to one department, one for each date/department ID)
     - dept ID
     - KPI date
     - KPI 1
     - KPI 2
     - Committed (0 or 1)