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Displaying a Primary Record

Question asked by CraigRozelle on Nov 27, 2011
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Displaying a Primary Record


I have two tables: (1) a "contacts" table and (2) a "phone number" table.

The "phone number" table has three fields: "phone number", "primary" and a "contact ID" field that links it to the "contact" table. The "primary" field is currently set to display two radio buttons: "primary" and "other".

The "phone number" records are displayed in a portal on the "contacts" form. One phone number for each contact is designated as the primary number. I would like to show the primary number in a text field on the "contacts" form. This field would be updated any time the user changes the primary number in the "phone number" portal (i.e. adds a new number and assigns as primary).

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!