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Displaying a Record from Sort - Then return to Original Sort

Question asked by photowyzard on Aug 14, 2013
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Displaying a Record from Sort - Then return to Original Sort


     My situation is as follows:

     We have a script that allows the user to search for records based on a number of search criteria:

     Date Range

     Long In

     Part #


     Part #

     Purchase Order


     You can search by one or more criteria listed above (in other words, by one or more or all the fields).  The Displayed Records list nicely and each record has a vew button so the original purchase document can be displayed out of the sorted group.  For example, 6 records may be found in a search. You can select one of the found records and the original, detailed purchase document opens up. Perfect so far.

     The user would like to return to the ORIGINAL SORTED GROUP after he closes the record he was viewing, gets the information he needed and then closes the window.

     Can you return without a complicated script to the orginal FOUND documents?

     What is happening right now is once the record to view is selected and the window is then subsequently closed, FM goes back to the generic FIND window and you have to input your search criteria again to bring up the 6 records you were viewing in the search result!

     The Users would like to simply click a button and go back to the original 6 documents he found in his search before he viewed one of the documents without having to perform this search again to bring the 6 documents up again.

     Is this possible in FM Pro 12  in a simiple way and what would you suggest!?

     Thanks in advance! Greatly appreciate the help.