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    Displaying a subset of records in layout...



      Displaying a subset of records in layout...


           I'm very new to filemaker, so please be patient with this...

           So I have a database with 2 tables: "collections" & "items".  Collections are made up of several items (one to many) and we want to have matching items display in the collection. 

           example scenario:  I have a collection #999.  in the seperate "items" table there are the individual items all referring to collection #999.  

           I want to open the layout for collection #999 and have all related items immediately displayed.

           Any help anyone can provide would be amazing.

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               There won't be a layout for "collection #999", there would be a layout for collections and a layout for items.

               A portal to items placed on your collections layout can list the items that make up that collection.


               A button on the collections layout can be used to take the user to the items layout and pull up a found set of the items assigned to that collection. The button would use go to related records or perform a script that does a find for the desired records.