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Displaying all related records in a portal.

Question asked by stygian on Jan 10, 2010
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Displaying all related records in a portal.


FMP Adv 10.0.3.  Windows 7 (x64).


I used FMP 8 quite a bit but left it a couple years back for Access.  So now I'm back with FMP and I am definitely very rusty.  So I thought I'd create a calorie counter (New Year's resolution) as a test run to get up to speed again.  I have Tables: EATING (recording everything I eat in a day) and FOOD (the information off the food labels).  Entering the food information on a layout "Eating" showing one record at a time.  I want to add a portal to this layout that shows all items for today.  I have the portal setup and I have a second table occurrence of EATING (called "EATING Portal") which is related using the date as a match field.  It shows the items but the name of the food item changes to what ever the currently displayed item is on the layout proper but the other pieces of the record does not change.


The EATING table is only storing a primary key, a foreign key to FOOD, the number of servings, the meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack) and some calculated fields.  EATING and FOOD are related through the keys.  It's clear to me that the fact that I am using the same field (from FOOD) in both the entry record on Eating and in the portal is causing the problem but I don't see how get the food item displayed on the portal without it (it's only stored once--in FOOD).