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Displaying common field information in different records

Question asked by patrickgreenetvg on Dec 10, 2009
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Displaying common field information in different records


I have set up a DB, Table, forms and fields. What I need to do for a portion of the displayed information is to see the same common information in numerous records. The information I need to see is text of 200+- characters and I need to view it in the form view for various records. I also need that when I modify the text that I only modify the source information and then in subsequent viewing of records that new version of the information is what is displayed. 


Because of the length of the information it is not possible to use the pop up menu nor would the information in the records change when the pop up info is changed- which is really what I need.  


I bet this is simple and sorry if I have not explained the need correctly. Thanks in advance for the help. 


I am new to filemaker and using the following:

Filemaker 10.0V1

Mac OSX 10.6.2

Database not shared over a network