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    Displaying common field information in different records



      Displaying common field information in different records


      I have set up a DB, Table, forms and fields. What I need to do for a portion of the displayed information is to see the same common information in numerous records. The information I need to see is text of 200+- characters and I need to view it in the form view for various records. I also need that when I modify the text that I only modify the source information and then in subsequent viewing of records that new version of the information is what is displayed. 


      Because of the length of the information it is not possible to use the pop up menu nor would the information in the records change when the pop up info is changed- which is really what I need.  


      I bet this is simple and sorry if I have not explained the need correctly. Thanks in advance for the help. 


      I am new to filemaker and using the following:

      Filemaker 10.0V1

      Mac OSX 10.6.2

      Database not shared over a network 

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          The basic answer is to define a second table and store this text in a text field in this second table or to define a global text field (Set global storage in field options).


          Which will work for you depends on details not given in your post.


          Will ALL records see the same text or only certain records?


          Will the database be shared over a network? (Global fields take on special properties when the DB is shared.)

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            Phil, Thanks for the fast reply as I am trying to get this done. 


            Only certain records will see the same text. Basically I have an organic seed database with about 300 records (Seeds for plants) and of those 300 records there are about 40 different kinds of plants (i.e. Beans, Squash, Lettuce, etc.). Each kind of plant needs to have its plant "Culture" (I.e. how to grow it) instructions associated with its kind for form viewing. If/when I modify the "Culture" instructions I need that to then show up on the form view for all of those kind of plants. 


            I have set up a new table called "Culture" with all the "Kinds" of plants being fields in that table. I have marked them as global fields (under the storage tab) and left the repetition at 1. Then I made a layout that showed all the fields and put the culture instructions in the fields in 1 record. I do not know how to select and display the info on a record by record basis in my main table.  


            The Database will NOT be shared over a network.  

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              OK, let's back up a bit. A global field is a way to store data that is accessible to all records and that's not you want here.


              Define two text fields in your Cultures table:

              PlantKind, Culture


              Presumably you already have a "plantKind" field in your main table--I'll call it Seeds.


              Now click the Relationships tab in Manage | Database and


              Drag from the PlantKind field in one table to the PlantKind field in the other table (Table Occurrences actually).


              This willl give you the following relationship:

              Seeds:: PlantKind = Cultures:: PlantKind


              Shown as a line linking the two boxes in the Relationships Graph.


              Enter text in your plant kind and culture fields for each type of plant.


              On your Seeds layout, use the field tool to add the Culture field from your Cultures table to your layout and you're done. In each new record as you enter/select a plant kind, you should see the matching culture text appear automatically.



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                   Phil, Almost There. This is working great just that when I am entering a new record in the Seeds layout I need to type the text into the PlantKind field exactly without seeing any options. Is there a way that I can see the options of plant kind to select the proper one (drawing from the options in the Culture Table and not by creating a new value list in the Seed Table)? With that I should be 100% because the culture text is appearing automatically after I type the PlantKind correctly.
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                  You can define a value list that lists all the PlantKind values in your cultures table. That way you can format the PlantKind field on your seeds layout with this value list as a drop down or pop-up menu to make sure that you select a plant type that exactly matches a record in the Cultures table.


                  Select Manage | Value Lists...

                  Click New

                  Click Specify Field...

                  In the left hand drop down menu select "Cultures"

                  In the list of fields that appears below the drop down, click PlantKind.

                  Click OK three times to dismiss the dialog boxes.

                  Now click on your PlantKind field field on the Seeds layout and use Field/Control | Setup to specify either a drop down or pop-up menu--selecting your new value list for its values.

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                    Can't thank you enough. This is 100% what I needed. Your'e good.