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    Displaying Companies by Category on Portal



      Displaying Companies by Category on Portal


      FMPro11 and Mac 10.6

      A Companies file with each Company having a Category which is a single item made up of 3 ‘parts’:

      Primary (approx. 10 types), e.g. Contractor, Secondary (approx. 30 types), e.g. Plumber, and Sub (approx. 20 types), if applicable, e.g. Heating. Result: Contractor Plumber Heating. 

      Primary and Secondary parts are limited to one word each. The Sub part is for specialist aspects or where there is insufficient similar Companies to form a separate Category, etc. There is a single Category field with a Value List. The Value List is long but acceptable as it is only used for setting up a new Company which happens infrequently.

      There is a Portal to display Companies based on Category (Primary and Secondary parts only). A shorter Value List (approx. 30 items) shows, for example: Contractor Electrician, Contractor Plumber, Supply Tools, Supply Materials, etc. The Portal is filtered with ‘LeftWords 2’ to trim off any Sub part and make the match.

      The problem is that I would like to display some Companies in more than one Category on the Portal, e.g. a Contractor who is both a Plumber and Electrician. I have given a Company several Categories but only one will display. I tested Categories with no Sub element and LeftWords removed but no better. Is there any way to achieve this. I am happy to try a completely different approach.