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Displaying count for multiple related factors

Question asked by JoeMintz on May 6, 2012
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Displaying count for multiple related factors


Right now I have my Main Layout/Table set up.  I also have a related table which is set up to create status' and to count the number of each status.  That is working great, I am having a tough time when I try to add in another factor to count.

I created a calculation on the Main Table that calculates a NUMBER from the last time a user wrote a note on a file.  So it takes current date and subtracts user time stamp.

What I am trying to do now is create a count across all records that counts for example Status 1 and Number > 2 days, or Status 2 and Number > 5 Days.

I got as far as creating another related table, and creating 20 records, and creating a count for each possible "number" but I feel like I am going at this completely wrong.

I can't seem to link together the right pieces.  Can anyone help?