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Displaying data from a join table

Question asked by jdwaggoner on Apr 6, 2015
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Displaying data from a join table


I'm pretty new to FileMaker, and things were working fine until I tried to access entries from a record in one table from another. I'm 99% sure I need a many-to-many relationship, and I tried to set up a join table according to the resources I found here and elsewhere.

I seem to be missing a step, though, because every layout I set up fails to return any entries. I'm sure this is a simple problem and it's just getting by me, but if someone could enlighten me I would really appreciate it!

Background: I am writing a solution for a group of people who judge marching band contests in the fall. I have a members table, and a show table for the contest information. I set up a layout related to the Shows table so I can select the members I need from the Members table for each category. I need to be able to display the following information on one layout, to be sent to the judges who are assigned to a particular show:

Host School, Date, each judge by category (i.e. Chief Judge), and that judge's email and telephone numbers.

That's where I get hung up. I can select a judge on the assign layout, but I cannot get that information to display on another layout, along with the email and telephone. 

As I said, this is probably pretty simple for you folks...I hope you can enlighten me as to what I'm missing!