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Displaying data from child table on the same row as parent table data

Question asked by chelseagroup on May 22, 2014
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Displaying data from child table on the same row as parent table data


     Using a portal, I am able to provide my users with parent information, then display related information in a portal.  Using invoices as an example, I can show invoice information in the upper part of a report/form, with related line items displaying in a portal below: one row in the portal for each line item on the invoice.  When I save this as a spreadsheet, I get a row of invoice information, followed by a row for each line item with repeating invoice information suppressed.  Now my user wants to see a report that will save to a spreadsheet with invoice fields and (for example) all part numbers on the same row.

     Normally they would see for an invoice that had four line items:

     Invoice Number, Invoice date, Customer Name on one row, then part number and price.  This row would be followed by three more rows with part number and price.

     What they want to see now for the same invoice:

     Invoice number, invoice date, customer name, part number 1, part number 2, part number 3, part number 4 all on one row, with as many columns as necessary to show the ordered part numbers.  The part number is the only line item field they want to see. 

     I can't figure out how to get portal information on the same row as parent information.


     Can anyone help?