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Displaying Data from Related Field

Question asked by wadef on Feb 21, 2010
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Displaying Data from Related Field


I'm new to databases in general and Filemaker in particular and am experimenting with the demo version of FilemakerPro 10 on my Mac.  I'm sure there's a simple answer to my problem - it sounds really really basic.  I just can't figure it out.


I'm trying to set up a database to track my investment activities and portfolio.  I'm starting with 2 tables: one for Activities (buy, sell, dividends, etc) and one for individual Securities (stocks, bonds, etc).


I'm having difficulty displaying a field from a related record.  In the Activities form, I have linked to the Security table via a pull-down list using the ::security_name field.  This works fine but when I select a security name, I would like to automatically display the stock/bond symbol for that security (from the Securities table) in the Activities form, but I can't figure how to access a second field from the same related record.  In the Field/Control Setup box I set a field to 'Edit Box' and selected 'Display data from:' and chose ::Symbol_or_CUSIP.  But it always comes up blank.


As a debug attempt, I also tried to display the ::Security_ID field, but it comes up blank too.


Can you help?