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    Displaying data in a record table



      Displaying data in a record table


      Hi All -


      Am using the trial version of Filemaker Pro to decide whether I want to buy it for our office, and had a couple of questions on it.


      I imported an Excel spreadsheet and have been manipulating it in the 'record table' view mode, and would now like to print it out.


      However, I am having some problems getting it to look as I would like it to.


      1) In several of the fields, I have more data per cell than will display on a single line. How do I make the database display all the information when I print it?


      2) If the first question can be solved, the second may be irrelevant. But here it is: is there a way for me to *either* constrain all the fields so they fit on one page-width, *or* get Filemaker to print fields that do not fit in the margins of the first page?


      Thanks so much to all...

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          For question #1, you can either make the column wider or specify a custom row height in layout setup... that is several rows of text tall. You may find it works better to set up a list view of your data with sliding fields that shrink when the extra space isn't needed for a given record. (The shrinking is only visible in preview mode or when you print the layout.)

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            Hi Phil -


            thanks, that was very helpful! Is there also a way I could change the row width for field names? I'm not seeing a way to do that in the layout setup, but it could be because I'm still learning to speak Filemaker :)



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              Well, sort of, but you lose a number of interface features that make table view desirable in first place.


              In Layout setup..., click the properties button for table view.

              Select Include Header Part and deselect Include Column Headers


              Now you can drag your field labels into the header and edit them however you want.


              Unfortunately, the features for sorting by clicking a column or for changing the column width or order have now been disabled--so you might be better off making your columns wide enough to see the entire field name or to change your field names into shorter labels.