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Displaying data in a record table

Question asked by immigrationworks on Mar 3, 2010
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Displaying data in a record table


Hi All -


Am using the trial version of Filemaker Pro to decide whether I want to buy it for our office, and had a couple of questions on it.


I imported an Excel spreadsheet and have been manipulating it in the 'record table' view mode, and would now like to print it out.


However, I am having some problems getting it to look as I would like it to.


1) In several of the fields, I have more data per cell than will display on a single line. How do I make the database display all the information when I print it?


2) If the first question can be solved, the second may be irrelevant. But here it is: is there a way for me to *either* constrain all the fields so they fit on one page-width, *or* get Filemaker to print fields that do not fit in the margins of the first page?


Thanks so much to all...