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Displaying different values for same field in multiple portals

Question asked by StuartKlassen on Oct 25, 2013
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Displaying different values for same field in multiple portals


     Hello; just joined the forum today, though I've been resourcing it for a couple years now. Amazing community support here. Great to see and learn!

     Using FM Adv Pro 11; I am creating a file that allows me to design personal training programs for clients. The layout attached is from the table "MORFIT Trainer". The tables "Exercises" and "Parameters" are related to the MORFIT Trainer table, with "Allow creation of records" checked on both sides for both relationships. 

     I have set up value lists for the values listed in the "Parameters" and "Exercises" fields.

     I am trying to set up multiple portals within each tab of the attached layout. However, I need to put different values from the same field in each separate portal.

     ie: The first portal, labeled CARDIO may need to display "Leg Press" in the first portal row, and HS curls in the second.
          The second portal, labeled STRENGTH may need to display "Treadmill Sprints" in the first portal row, and "Leg Press" in the second.

     All that would take place in the first tab labeled DAY 1. I would then need to be able to repeat the same options with different values from the same fields for tabs DAY 2 through 5.

     One solution to this, would be to create different fields within the table "Parameters"; then assigning each portal a unique field (using the same value lists for each unique field in "Parameters"). But that would be about 80 unique fields... Sloppy; but effective. Any cleaner solutions would be greatly appreciated.

     Thank you! I will try to post a pic of the relationships right away.