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Displaying documents in a container field.

Question asked by lannycook on May 18, 2012
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Displaying documents in a container field.


I have an app that needs to display multiple engineering docs.  I don't have the space to display all the docs, in a readable size, on the form, so I thought I could use one container field to display the docs.  I would have a list of the available documents on the left side.  The user would select which doc they wish to see and I would load that doc into the container field.  I would store the full path to the doc for each available doc. 

The problem is how do I load a document into a container field without the user having to reselect it from the stored location every time?  I already know the location but I cannot get 'Insert Quicktime' to accept a known path and file name.  And then just load it without any dialog with the user.