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Displaying field data from a related table

Question asked by vmiller on Jun 19, 2013


Displaying field data from a related table


     Using the Projects starter solution included with FileMaker Pro 12, I am looking for a function that will find a Task record based on the field contents of [ Tasks::Task ] and display the field contents of [ Tasks::Date Due ] in a [ Projects ] layout. Task records for each Project are imported from an xls document that never changes. Xls Task examples: Creative Req, Proof, Approval, etc. On the Project List layout, I want to show the Date Due for a select few Tasks for each project along with the Status and Status Percentage that is already in the template. So, display in three separate fields: Creative Req Date Due... Proof Due Date... and Approval Due Date. Additionally, these due dates change periodically and need to update on the Project List layout automatically. Any suggestions for how to work this out?