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Displaying Found Set in Portal

Question asked by jsalzer_1 on Feb 22, 2009
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Displaying Found Set in Portal


I've run into a new one (for me, at least).  On a layout for Table A, is there a way to display a portal that shows all records in Table A that are in the current found set, and only those records in the current found set?


I'd like to allow users to perform a search, and then to have the option to view their results as a list.  However, I don't want to use an actual list view, as I want them to remain inside an interface that contains a side bar.


I first looked for a "Get ( RecordFoundStatus )" or "Get ( RecordOmitStatus )" or "Get ( RecordShowingStatus )" function to build a relationship off of.  I see nothing of the sort.


Is there something easy I'm missing?  Any suggestions/solutions?




[Edit - This is in a many-user situation, so performing a script at the end of the search that assigns a stored boolean to each record isn't a good solution.]