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    Displaying Images from portal line



      Displaying Images from portal line


           I need to display an image from a record inserted in the first portal line, and then display a second image from another record, in different container fields outside of the portal.

           Is this possible and if so, is anyone kind enough to point me in the right direction?


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          It sounds possible, but I think we need more detail to point you in the right direction. Is one of the outside containers always going to show container data from the same portal row number? If so, then 2 ways come to mind. A) create other (1 row) portals that start from the proper row number, and insert nothing but the container in them. B) create calculation fields that return container as their result, using getnthrecord in their formula.
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                 Scripts can also use set field to copy ID numbers to _Fk fields such that a field from a related table occurrence displays data (such as an image) from a related table occurrence.