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    displaying linked invoices to a customer


      displaying linked invoices to a customer



      I have a layout called 'History'. It shows records from 'Customers' Table. What I want is for this layout to display a list of all the orders linked to the customer record being viewed. I also want the first line of the invoice to appear (Lines::Description). 

      So the Line would have 5 fields next to each other. - order number, Date, description, invoice total.


      Can this be done in browse mode (List View) or just fins mode? Portal? I have got as far as showing a list of all the orders, I cannot get FM to just display records linked the customer record being viewed...

      Can anyone help?

      I feel I amy not to make this a little clearer so do ask what info required in order to help..

      I assume I need to enter find mode and omitt all records other than the one being viewed. - GTRR? Not sure how to tell FM to use the customer record and not show all the line items for each invoice instead of just the first Line...

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          If you have this relationship in manage | database | relationships (but perhaps with different names):


          Customers::CustomerID = Invoices::CustomerID
          Invoices::InvoiceID = Lines::InvoiceID

          Then you can use a portal to Invoices on your History layout to display all invoice records for that customer. You can add the Lines::Description field from the Lines table to this portal row and it will show the first related line record.

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            Hi Phil

            Thank you - got it working now on the whole. Two glitches though..

            1/ One of my fields on the poral is for Net Value. It appears on the first line of the poral but not any anything below.

            2/ I have a go to related record on each line so I can view the original order/quote/invoice (diff layouts depending on what type of order). But the script I have written takes me to the first line on the portal's order..

            Thank you

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              1) you'll need to tell me more about that field. How is it defined? in what table?

              2) I'd need to see your script. Typically, this is the result if some script step that precedes the go to related records step moves the "focus" out of the clicked portal row. In one recent case, a poster was opening a new window before the GTRR step.

              To post a script to the forum:

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                Hi Phil

                Attached is my script..

                The 'History' layout is using records from the customers table. It contains fields in the portal (invoice details) from Lines and Invoice details. The "Nett price" field I am having trouble with is from Invoice details table. But there are a few other fields on the portal also from Invoice details, and these show fine on the other rows. 

                Anyything else you need?


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                  Yep, your script has the same problem that I saw in another poster's script. The New window command changes the focus and thus your GTRR step goes to the first related record.

                  Remove the new window steps. You don't need them. If you want this to open in a new window, select the new window option from within the GTRR steps.

                  How is the net price field defined?

                  How did you add it to your portal row? (any chance that it's a pixel too far to the side and thus isn't really "in" the portal?)

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                    Perfect - all issues sorted...If only all of my FM problems were as simple to resolve!

                    Thank you!