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displaying linked invoices to a customer

Question asked by willrollo on Feb 21, 2012
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displaying linked invoices to a customer



I have a layout called 'History'. It shows records from 'Customers' Table. What I want is for this layout to display a list of all the orders linked to the customer record being viewed. I also want the first line of the invoice to appear (Lines::Description). 

So the Line would have 5 fields next to each other. - order number, Date, description, invoice total.


Can this be done in browse mode (List View) or just fins mode? Portal? I have got as far as showing a list of all the orders, I cannot get FM to just display records linked the customer record being viewed...

Can anyone help?

I feel I amy not to make this a little clearer so do ask what info required in order to help..

I assume I need to enter find mode and omitt all records other than the one being viewed. - GTRR? Not sure how to tell FM to use the customer record and not show all the line items for each invoice instead of just the first Line...