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Displaying list in a portal

Question asked by MauriceG on Jul 30, 2015
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Displaying list in a portal



With great help from this forum, I recently converted my Books DB from flat to relational, putting the authors in their own separate table (Using script to create records in join table) . My db structure is now Books----BooksAuthors----Authors.

However, one issue  remains unresolved and this makes my db unusable for now. On my book layout, I replaced the Author field with a portal based on BooksAuthors. I'd like to be able to do two things in tnis portal when I register a new book:

a) if the new book author's name is already in the Authors table, just select it from a rolldown list; or

b) if the author's name is not already in the Authors table, simply type it in (and create a new entry in the Authors table in the process).

I spent the last three days trying to resolve this but to no avail. Can anyone explain how?

Thanks a lot.