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displaying month totals in separate columns

Question asked by littlejon on Feb 5, 2009
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displaying month totals in separate columns


I am testing FMP by trying to create a home budget db starting with two tables - budget and transaction. The transaction table has a date in mm/dd/yyyy format, category and amount fields, among others. 

How do I create a layout/report that shows each month's transactions in a separate column?


I have succeeded in getting a layout with the first three columns - categoyr, budgetedamt and january transaction totals by category. I have created a field using a  month(Date) column that returns the month number.  I also have a summary total by category. So far, the table only has transactions for January.


I'm not sure how to filter and display for multiple months. I have it basically working I already have a. What I'd like is something like:

Category    BudgetedAmt          January          February          March...
Cat1                        250.00            250.00              180.00        320.00
Cat2                    1,200.00         1,320.00           1,050.00     1,149.00

Having a separate table for each month seems rather silly, albeit possible.

Do I need calculated fields that return transactions for each month? Does that require 'if' logic/functions to filter the data? That doesn't seem dynamic over many months and years.


 I'm used to being able to load this type of data into an array and loop thru it for display & printing. FMP has some unique ways of doing things. I'd like to get a handle on it before my trial ends in 15 days. 


Thanks for your help.