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Displaying multiline text in portals or alternative methods

Question asked by JFJoyal on May 16, 2013
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Displaying multiline text in portals or alternative methods


     Hello; I was hoping you could offer me a suggestion to a small problem I'm having displaying sets of related records in a portal.I have a db containing participants,answers and questions and I want to display related test questions /answers for each participant. I have a layout based on the participant and I use a portal to show the related test questions/answers. The answers are short whereas some of the questions go on for 2 sometimes 3 lines. The portal only displays on line of text visually and also when attempting to print or to save to PDF. Obviously this isn't the desired result since I'm planning on sending these results to the participant and he/she will have a hard time making any sense of it. I looked around the forum (and a few others) and I know they are some threads that seem to come close to giving me answer when it come to this but they all seem unclear. Do you a suggstion on how I could go about resolving this problem. Thank you.