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Displaying Multiple Entries From A Different Table

Question asked by AndrewGilman on Jan 24, 2011
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Displaying Multiple Entries From A Different Table



I'm new to this forum and filemaker as a whole.  I was hoping for some advice, so I'll describe my database so far.  It's used to organize patient data.  There are two relevant tables here: Patient & Scan (I'm tracking MRI scan data).  Every patient has one unique identifier used throughout the database, their medical record number (MRN).  Each patient will have only one MRN.  Each scan is treated like an individual event (for the sake of other tables to store results and just general structure of our servers), so each scan has it's own unique Scan ID.  So while 99% of all patients will have one Scan ID as well, they may have 2 or more.  The Patient and Scan tables are linked by the MRN.

My question derives from a need to see the Scan ID while looking at the patient table.  It's pretty tedious to switch back and forth between the patient and scan tables so I can find the particular scan ID for a patient.  This is necessary because all of our data is coded via these scan IDs.  So I'm hoping that I can get all of the scan IDs that a patient has to display automatically on the patient table.  I tried doing this with both the portal and field tools on the patient layout, but this will only display the first instance of a scan ID.  For instance, if a patient has 3 scan IDs, only the first will be displayed under the portal on the patient layout, negating the functionality of such a portal.  I tried setting the setup to include repetitions 1 through 10 (I'm a newbie so I don't know exactly what this does) but that just showed the first instance with nothing else.  Any suggestions?