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    Displaying Multiple Records for a Report



      Displaying Multiple Records for a Report


           Morning all, 

           I'm trying to put a report together that allows me to print multiple records in a customised view but all on one page of A4. 

           What i'm working on is a prospect report for my salesman on the road so I want to get up to a weeks prospects on a sheet. 

           I've got all the field I want and i wondered if I needed somthing like the list view to alow this but even if i add multiples of the same filds, it only displays the same record over and over again...

           Do I have to set up the fileds differently or run a scrip to allow multiple records to show up on one page? 

           I did have a quick look to see if i could adjust the view of the table view but i can't see that it's possible. 

           Many Thanks 

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               You'll almost certainly need list view, though really simple reports might also be done with table view.

               In List View, the key is to add just one set of your fields to the body arranged in a narrow row, then drag the bottom boundary of the body layout part up to make the body as small as possible.

               When you print from this layout, first perform a find or otherwise manipulate your found set so that you only have the records you want to see in the found set, then print your records with the "records being browsed" option.

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                 Beautiful - Phil you are a star thank you so much for your help! 

                 I'm going to owe you some beers at this rate!