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Displaying Multiple Records for a Report

Question asked by beano129 on Feb 13, 2013
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Displaying Multiple Records for a Report


     Morning all, 

     I'm trying to put a report together that allows me to print multiple records in a customised view but all on one page of A4. 

     What i'm working on is a prospect report for my salesman on the road so I want to get up to a weeks prospects on a sheet. 

     I've got all the field I want and i wondered if I needed somthing like the list view to alow this but even if i add multiples of the same filds, it only displays the same record over and over again...

     Do I have to set up the fileds differently or run a scrip to allow multiple records to show up on one page? 

     I did have a quick look to see if i could adjust the view of the table view but i can't see that it's possible. 

     Many Thanks