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    Displaying multiple records in one layout



      Displaying multiple records in one layout



      I'm using FM 12 and would like to make a layout illustrating a box containing 10x10 squares.

      Each square should contain an input record number which relates to another table, and fields related to the specific record number. There should be 100 unique records displayed, showing the same 3 fields but showing the value specific for each record number. I'm able to make one square functioning, but all the fields in all the rest follows this one. I think maybe portals is the way to go, but know nothing about how to use them.

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          The way I would approach this is to create a portal to display 10 records Vertically, i.e. the portal row height is enough to show the 3 fields stacked the way you want. Make the portal as narrow as you need just to display the stacked fields.

          Once I was happy with that portal design I would duplicate it a further 9 times and arrange each portal in line and to the side of the previous portal.

          Then in each of the portals in turn I would set the initial row to 1, 11 , 21, 31, 41, 51, 61 and so on to get each portal to display the next 10 records

          From a design point of view it is better to get your first portal functioning perfectly and designed exactly as you want with any filter formulas or sorts you need, so as you do not have to duplicate this work again in the other 9 copies you make.