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Displaying multiple records in Portal

Question asked by MichaelWoernerMichaelWoerner on Dec 4, 2010
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Displaying multiple records in Portal



I have two tables, one is a list of students in a year level with codes for individual classes i.e. A, B, C, etc. the other table is a list of teachers. I want to create a Portal in the Teacher table that displays ALL the students a certain teacher teaches.

I have created a relationship between the two tables using a studentID field in both tables but this allows me to only display/call up one student at a time in the portal. I want to put in the class code for a teacher & then have the portal display all the students in that class.

I suspect that it is fairly straightforward but my experience with relational databases is limited as all my previous database work was in AppleWorks many moons ago ;)