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Displaying multiple relational fields within portal

Question asked by rkassis on Apr 22, 2013
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Displaying multiple relational fields within portal


      Hello, I am pretty new to FMP 12 and I am trying to display a bunch of fields from two tables into one portal. My database is meant to store patient data. The first table displays the patient's information (parent) and the table related to it has contact information. For example, emergency contacts, pharmacy, GP etc. However I made a third table with phone numbers since each contact can have multiple phone numbers. I know how to display all of the patients' contacts' information but I cannot display their multiple phone numbers as well. I know in FMP 12 a portal inside a portal will not work. I would like the data to be displayed with all of the patient information from the first table along with all of their contacts plus their phone numbers. Is this possible? Any help is appreciated thanks