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Displaying number of records in a found set

Question asked by Guildy on Apr 1, 2009
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Displaying number of records in a found set




I have looked through the forum and can't see any previous posts on this question.


In the UK, property owners who rent property must have a gas safety check each year. I have developed a straight forward database where you enter the date of the last check carried out, then OnLayoutOpen finds records where the next check is due within 30 days as a reminder.


It would be nice to have a summary screen on a main menu which can find the number of records in this found set and display them. E.g. "you have [insert number of gas safety checks due] due within the next 30 days"


Any thoughts on how to do this? It is most likely with this being a summary page, the table will have no records and no relationships.


Many thanks for any assistance that can be offered.