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Displaying numbers at 3 digits

Question asked by jared944 on Jul 30, 2013
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Displaying numbers at 3 digits


     Hello everyone,

     I have an interesting question. I am developing a tool to record glasses prescriptions. One aspect of the prescription is recorded as an axis not unlike degrees on a compass, from 0 to 180. 
     The question I have is this: the defacto standard way to display this number is always with 3 digits, IE 010 degrees, 045 degrees, 180 degrees, etc.. Is there a way to have a zero added to the beginning if the number happens to be only 2 digits? Tow zeros added if it is one digit?
     I am recording the digits in a "Numerical" keyfield because I may have to manipulate the numbers mathematically as well as perform analytics in the future. Im sure it is possible if I keep it as a text field, but then I wont get the value out of the data like I want. I was also considering adding an additional "calculation" keyfield that would be used for displaying the "numerical" keyfield correctly. But if it is possible to do this without having to add an additional keyfield to my table it would cut down on the size and complexity of the database.
     Any help would greatly be appreciated.