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Displaying only found record in related portal

Question asked by BobAbrams on Jul 29, 2010
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Displaying only found record in related portal


I have a portal build using a related field and when I do a find on one of the fields in the portal, the result finds the record but the portal shows all of the records associated but I only want to see the found record in the portal (or go to the found record).  I now have to scroll through all of the records in the related portal until I get to the one that I searched on.  As an example, I have a main record which is company info and a portal with multiple contacts for that company.  If I search on a specific person's name, the result will display just the one company that the person is associated with but it will show all of the contacts for that company including the one that I searched for.  I only want it to show the company and just the one record that I was looking for.  Any help is appreciated.