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Displaying PDF

Question asked by dbw3 on Nov 24, 2011
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Displaying PDF


I maintain a membership database and would like to add the feature of displaying the original application which is stored as a pdf.

I moved the file containing the PDFs to the Filemaker folder and inserted the PDF number in a field in my databasse.  I added the first, then chnanged the field to a container field.  When I double click on the field the PDF will display.  I tried to add a link to the second record but am unable to modify the blank field.  I can do it if I change the field back to text.

I have been searching the forum for days and my head is about to explode!  Can someone point me to a place where i can learn the basics of this function.  When I get this to work, I intend to also use it at the national level with over 250000 records.