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    Displaying PDF



      Displaying PDF


      I maintain a membership database and would like to add the feature of displaying the original application which is stored as a pdf.

      I moved the file containing the PDFs to the Filemaker folder and inserted the PDF number in a field in my databasse.  I added the first, then chnanged the field to a container field.  When I double click on the field the PDF will display.  I tried to add a link to the second record but am unable to modify the blank field.  I can do it if I change the field back to text.

      I have been searching the forum for days and my head is about to explode!  Can someone point me to a place where i can learn the basics of this function.  When I get this to work, I intend to also use it at the national level with over 250000 records.

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          You can use Insert File with the "store as reference" option to insert PDF's into your container field. You can script this and set your field up as a button to run this script when it is clicked if you want.

          There's some pretty good starting info on container fields in FileMaker help. Have you searched help for info on Container fields?

          When I get this to work, I intend to also use it at the national level with over 250000 records.

          You'll definitely need to research your options carefully here. If this is a database you intend to share over a network or publish to the web, "by reference" container field behavior changes. The files must be located in specific places that are accessible to your users. On a local area network, this would be a shared (can be read only) directory to which your users have direct access via the same filepath stored in the container field. In mixed platform (mac and windows) networks, this can be a bit of a challenge to deal with. If you publish to the web, the files must be stored in the correct location in the web folder. See the PDF file that comes with fileMaker (see product documentation in your help menu) on publishing to the web for more detail.

          And if any users will be using an iPad or iPhone to access your database, "by reference" images are not accessible to them.

          You may want to research a third party add on called "SuperContainer" when you get ready to "go national" with your database.

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            Thank you, I was assuming that you needed to type the link into the container field.  Thanks for setting me straight.