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    displaying phone numbers; restricting record access



      displaying phone numbers; restricting record access


      I am test-driving FMP10, after having done same with Bento2. I have imported a large volume of contact info from a legacy OS9 contact manager into the FMP10 Contact-management starter application. I used TAB files. All has gone well.


      However I have yet to find instructions in the onscreen HELP for formatting fields that hold phone numbers. I imported the phone data as 10-digit numbers, not text. The field data type is number. Is there a way to have these formatted for display as phone numbers?


      I have certain sensitive records that should require high-level privileges to access.  According to the HELP screen concerning security and privilege sets, I can restrict access to particular fields, layouts, and records.  However I have yet to find any instructions on how to restrict access to specific records.  Can anyone help me with this?

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          There are no built in telephone number format options for you :smileysad:


          However, there are ways to do this with calculation fields. How successful this approach works depends on how uniform your data is and how many variations you are willing to allow for in your calculation.


          Assuming all your phone numbers include the area code and your phone number field is named "Phone", put the following expression into a calculation field's definition:


          "(" & Left(Phone,3) & " ) " & Middle(phone,4,3) & " - " & right(phone,4)


          If you enter 9995554444 into your phone field, the above calculation will give you (999 ) 555 - 4444.


          Even though Phone is a number field, text functions can be used that treat your number field as though it is text.


          (Note: I had to add a space in front of the ) to keep out one of those pesky emoticons that can so messup expressions in this forum.)