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    Displaying Portals within a solution



      Displaying Portals within a solution


      I have a database titled "Show Advance" , within "Show Advance" there are the fields "KP Show Id" which is the serial, "Venue Name", "Show Date" , "Number of people".  If I created a layout and within that layout I wanted to have a portal that would show previous records that matched the same "venue name" is that possible.


      Example.  3 times a year we play "Venue A" and 3  times a year we play "Venue B" .  I would like the third time we play "A" for there to be a portal that displayed the selected fields from the previous two times we played "A" but nothing about "b" be displayed...and vice versa for "Venue B"

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          If all these fields are in the same table then you don't need a portal. As a matter of fact, without creating another table occurrence of this table you can't have a portal. Portals are used to display records from a related table in a layout based on a table on the "other side" of the relationship. That said, sometimes creating another TO and using a portal is the way to go!



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            As Rick suggested, a simple find for all records of a given venue displayed in a list or table view might do what you want without needing a portal. A portal is also possible, so let us know if the "list or table-view with a find" approach won't work for you.

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              I guess I kind of understand what you guys are saying, but not sure if it is answering my question.  What I am looking for is to have one layout, on that layout it will have say four fields "Venue", "Date", People Paid", "Revenue brought in" with a "_KP_show id" and attached to the Venue is a "_Kf Venue id" that distinguishes each record and venue respectively.  What I would like to happen is say I have 10 different records. 3 of them are VenueA, 3 of them VenueB, 4 of them VenueC.  I want a box (field, portal, something) that will be placed on the layout to where if I was on VenueA, then it would show The four fields in a history type setting so I could see the Date, people paid, revenue brought in for all three records of VenueA but nothing in that box about venueb or c.  But I want this to change according to which venue is displayed on that record.  So if I go to a date of today and I am accessing "venuec" then over in the box it will show only the history dates for venuec, hopefully automatically without have to push a button.


              Is this possible?  Was I very clear on it?



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                Our point is that you don't really need the box. We can give you that if you want, it's just not necessary.


                Your screen could look like this:


                "Venue A" ; 425 Main Street, Small Town, State, Zip

                     8/1/2009   <<details on this performance go here>>

                     10/20/2009 <<details>>

                     1/15/2010   <<details>>


                "Venue B"; 895 Broadway, New York, New York ....

                      3/17/2010  <<details>>


                With this layout design, you can see all your performances or just those that took place at a given venue. The only difference is in the find you perform.


                With either this list view approach or a portal, defining a second "venues" table would be a good idea. In this table, you'd add the fields needed so you could document each venue in a different record. Then your existing records would be linked to this table by a VenueID number defined as an auto-entered serial number in Venues. A portal to your existing table matching records by Venue ID will give you the portal you've requested.

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                  I am still confused I am sorry.  I am attaching a couple of images here PicturePicture2.  What I want to do is in the box over on the right of the layout is for it to show venue history.  So in this particular instance it would show every record that was in this database with Midnight Rodeo Amarillo or Venueid 00003 and the date, people, and anything else i wanted to see.  You may have already answered this question above but I guess I am not understanding the solution.


                  Thank you

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                    Given all the other data on the screen, I can see why you don't want separate layout for this.


                    I see two table occurrences named in the first picture: Show Advance (the layout) and Show Dates (The portal).

                    What relationship links these two?


                    If you link them by your venue ID, you should see the list you want.

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                      It took me a little while to revisit this but I just wanted to say this worked like a charm...thank you again.