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    Displaying records in a report



      Displaying records in a report


      I have a table called strategies with a bunch of records(using 1 field only, called StrategiesMission). I want to display record by record, as a list, on separate blank layout or report.

      I know there is a way to call fields using <<field 1>> etc. But, is there a way to call records (i.e.<record 1>>, <record 2>> etc )?

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          I gather you want the data from your different records to form a row rather than a column?

          Not the easiest thing to do in filemaker but it can be done. Can you post a "mock up" of what this layout should look like?

          (If you are listing data from the same field, but from different records in your columns, what does each row comprise?)

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            Layout where I add/Delete records

            The mock up of what I want the report to look like (after calling the records from the strategies table)

            Each sentence should be a record (i.e Each individual is a record, etc) rather than fields.

            The mock up is using fields rather than records... which makes it really unefficient.

            Would a portal work?

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              Yes, if each line of text is in the same field but different related records, you can use a portal. You can also define a text calculation in the parent table that looks like this:

              List ( portalTable::TextField )


              Substitute ( list ( PortalTable::textField ) ; ¶ ; "¶¶" )

              to double space the lines of text.

              The calculation field may give you a slightly nicer format when your text wraps into multiple lines.

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                Thanks for the response.

                However, is there any other way around? When I add the portal, the report will not look like the mock up. It will show tables.Or is there a way to remove the borders, etc from the portal?

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                  I gave you two options, one that uses a portal and one that uses a calculation field. With the second option, you'd use a portal on a different layout to enter the text, but the calculation field to display it on your layout.

                  You can indeed hide the borders for portals and the fields within them. You can set the line width for the portal to 0 or specify a transparent pen pattern. The main limitation to a portal is that each row will be the same, fixed height, thus the calculation field that combines all the statements from your related portal records into a single text field, may look a touch nicer.