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Displaying records in portal window using global fields

Question asked by Sherb on May 16, 2010


Displaying records in portal window using global fields


Hi all,

I'm new to filemaker and this forum.

I'm having trouble with displaying records in a portal window using the global field and storage function. I'm attempting to to create a medical database that tracks patient's diagnoses and tests. I have 2 tables, "patient personal information" which stores individual names and personal information and "patient medical history" which stores the individual diagnosis names and onsets (acute, chronic, recurrent).  Each patient and problem has a unique serial number, "PATIENT_ID" and "PROBLEM_ID". Both tables are joined in a relationship (=) by "PATIENT_ID".  In "patient medical history", I've created a global field, "GLOBAL_OCC which stores the values acute, chronic, and recurrent, etc . A value list is created. There are 2 occurrences of table "patient medical history" which are joined by "GLOBAL_OCC" and "PATIENT_ID". These in turn, relate back to "patient personal information" table by "PATIENT_ID". Below are 4 screenshots to help describe my dilemma.

The layout I'm working with is called "PATIENT FACE SHEET" and shows records from "patient personal information" The top left portal window is the one in question. The bottom left is another portal displaying all records from "patient medical history" and used to verify results in top portal. The dropdown list is a field displaying records from "GLOBAL_OCC" in "patient medical history".  My goal is to be able to display problems according to acute, chronic, or recurrent, etc. However, I would also like to have the ability to display "all" problems at once. How do I achieve this?