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    Displaying Records on a Layout



      Displaying Records on a Layout


      Is it possible to display on the same layout: 1) a specific field from a table for all records as a list and 2) detail from one specific record?  I would like to display the Full Name for all records from a Contacts table on the left side of a layout that the user can scroll through.  When the user selects a name from the list in the box displaying all the names, the detailed information (like address, phone number, etc.) from the Contacts table for the selected record would be displayed on the right hand side. 

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          You can use a portal on a form view layout for that.

          Open Manage | Database | Relationships, find the table occurrence "box" that your layout refers to in Layout setup|Show Records From and select it by clicking it.

          Click the button with two green plus signs to make a copy of this table occurrence. (This doesn't create a new table, just a new reference to the same table you already have.)

          Link the two tables with the X operator to get this relationship:

          YourTable::Anyfield X AllRecordsThisTable::AnyField

          The X operator matches any record in one table to any record in another so a portal to AllrecordsThisTable will list all your records. (And to anticipate your next possible question, you can set up your portal rows as buttons to run a script to find different records so that it serves as a scrolling "picklist" to find and display records on this layout. A conditional format expression can even be set up to highlight the record in the portal that was used pull up the current record displayed in the "detail" fields.)

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            Thanks so much.  I haven't used conditional formatting before but this sounds like a perfect opportunity.