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Displaying related data

Question asked by filemakernewbie on Nov 12, 2010
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Displaying related data


First of all, I like to thank in advance for looking/replying to what seemed like stupid questions..


I am currently using FP11(trial) to see if this could help me become more efficient in my practise

I have set up two set of tables

One contains name/address/phone no/referring doc's name/ref doc's id no as fields

Second table contains ref doc's name/address/phone number/ref doc's id no

Then I established relationship between two tables, using ref doc's name and id no. as common identifiers

The idea was as person's referring doc's name/id number is entered in table one, all the info on that doc gets retrieved from second table. Then display all the gathered data onto a layout (a blank one)

for example, Dr John Doe, 12345 from table one --> will fetch Dr John Doe, 123 anywhere st, 518-555-5555, 12345 from the second table and display them on a layout so the end product will look something like...


Dr John Doe

123 anywhere st, anywhere state



as you would see on a top of business letter.  Anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this?

Again thanks for reading such a convoluted post.