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Displaying results from multiple files?

Question asked by KennethChristy on Nov 27, 2013
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Displaying results from multiple files?


     Good Morning,

     I am very new to Filemaker.  I found it on my work computer the other day and have been "playing with it."  I love the simplicity for making databases, but I'm stumped with something that I'm assuming should be real easy to do.  Unfortunately, I can't find any instruction manuals in my office so I've reached a brick wall with what I'm trying to do.


     Basically I have 2 files.  1 file contains the personal information of my students.  Each student has a unique student id.  The second file contains student_id, Absent Date, Reason.  If the student has been absent 5 times, for example, there are 5 lines starting with the student id and one absent date on each line. like this:



     123456, 11/6/2013,4

     423416,9/5/2013, 4   <------different student


     Is there any way to link these two files in FMP so if I put in the student id in the search field it will return student name, address and phone number from the first file and the absent dates from the 2nd file?


     Thanks in advance!