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Displaying same date string in different formats?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Jan 20, 2012
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Displaying same date string in different formats?


I have a situation where I would like to display the same date field (as a text string...more on that in a minute) in two different ways.  How can I best do that?  I can figure out how to modify the format of the field contents easily, but I want this date visible in two ways at the same time (different layouts).


Background:  I have a date that I need to display in a big list view, and I want it to show up as MM/DD on this view.  This field is a clickable button which launches a small popup window with a calendar picker for choosing the date.  On this popup I want to date displayed by MM/DD/YY to match what they are picking on the calendar.  So far, nothing too bad, except...


I also want this date to be possible to display the text "N/A".  So in this same date picker window, there is a button to set the field as the text string "N/A".


My architecture is a 'end_date' field as date, a 'display' field as text, and a script to handle setting the value in the display field.  The button on the picker calls the script with a parameter to set the 'display' text field to "N/A".  I would like to only use these fields; this table is already huge and I don't want to add additional fields if I can help it.


I have tried using a merge field to display the 'display' field, and then use the custom display of data settings there to format the quasi-date, but it doesn't seem to effect the display at all and still just shows the entire text string (which is 'MM/DD/YY').  I can't even pick 'Date' number types if I just show the field straight from the table, as it is a text field (the options are grayed out).  Yes, I could modify the script easily to just make the text 'MM/DD', but then on the picker box window the user would only see those two fields after selecting a new date.  I want them to be able to see the "N/A" text if they click that button, so I have implemented it such that the 'display' field is on top of the 'end_date' picker field, with the 'end_date' field being enterable in Browse mode.  That way they SEE the display field, but they INTERACT with the date field.


Any suggestions?