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    Displaying sensitive docs in Filemaker



      Displaying sensitive docs in Filemaker


      I would like to use Filemaker to display sensitive internal documents.  I want user to be able to view documents but not save or print them or copy text from them.  (I know I can't prevent screen captures).  I tried PDFs but users can still save them to their own drives and management feels that this is an unacceptable risk.  OLEing a Word Document works great (and is the preferable method) except only the first page shows. I need to be at least able to display the document with different text sizes and bolding.  Does anyone know how to do a "next page" or have a suggestion of how I can display the entire document?

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          Howdy donjuan,


          I've played with this in FMP and dropped it...seems like the wrong tool (though I'm sure it could work somehow...)


          I've just started messing around in Adobe for read-only docs as well.  Check out this link to the adobe forum.



          I think what you're asking for is more applicable to Adobe's functionality rather than FMP...it seems to me like Adobe's the more appropriate tool for the task.  I know you've said you've already tried Adobe...but have you exhasuted Adobe's resources or just dabbled like me?


          JMHO, hope it helps.