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Displaying specific child records in layout

Question asked by jbell2355 on Jun 19, 2015
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Displaying specific child records in layout



I have a situation that I would like to display some specific information from a child record in a layout based on some certain criteria. 

For example I have parent record "A" who has ten child records with a specific codes in one of the fields. I would like to display information on the parent record layout where the field code matches a predetermined code.  To further clarify I hope, Parent record "B" will also have child records with similar codes to be matched to.  I have thought about using global variables, calculation fields in the parent record and such to match them up.  I'm my mind in simple terms the code would look like this:

If( child record: field 1 = code a) then display information from that specific child record.

It would almost seem to me that I would want to loop through the child records to find the match.  The other thought I have had is to use the relationship graph, but it seemed to me that it would get cumbersome, because I would have at least an additional 5 relationships.  I hope this makes sense.  I have attached a copy of the graphic that I am trying to populate with filemaker data for reference.

Essentially although I may have 10-20 child records, I only want to show information from 5-6 specific records based on a predetermined criteria.  Things I am trying to populate from the child records would be package information container fields for packages 1-5 and their pricing.

Thanks in advance for the help