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Displaying totals from automated searches

Question asked by SimonSherwood_1 on Aug 30, 2013
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Displaying totals from automated searches


     Hi I've been building a database with 2 main tables of customers and transactions.  All is working well so far, I have set up various layouts with buttons to navigate between them and have the 2 tables interacting nicely with portals and conditional formatting.  All in all I'm pleased so far.

     I need a helping hand though in creating either a layout page displaying search results or a reports page.  Basically I want to display totals from certain fields in the transactions table depending on the dates in the transaction table.

     Customers and Transactions are related by an ID field not that that really has a bearing on it.

     Each record in transaction will have ID Date Price Tips Extras Total Payment Balance, (Total  is a calculation of Price+Tips+Extras) (Balance is a Calculation of Total-Payment).

     Basically all I want to do is have a layout where I have a box displaying for example a SUM of all payments records on today's date, then another box with a SUM of all payment records last week, then the same for financial year.  Hopefully you get the idea.

     Your help is greatly appreciated, I'm starting to realize just how power full this app is, and you've all been a great help already.