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Displaying Unrelated Records in Portal

Question asked by tobiasj on Feb 4, 2014
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Displaying Unrelated Records in Portal


     I feel almost embarrashed to post about a question which seems to have been answered twice already.

     Here: Unrelated Table in Portal

     And Here: Browsing Unrelated Records - Portal?


     Try as  I might, I just can't make these solutions work for me. Probably I'm doing something wrong. 


     I have included an image of the pertinent relations of my tables. The 'Files_ref' table addresses the many-to-many relationship arising from the fact that each record can be associated with many files, and each file can be associated with many records.

     What I'm looking to do, is to display all files in a portal - not just those associated with the current record (assetbase::id).

     As you can see, I'm been attempting to accomplish this with a new occurence of the Files table (Files 2), but for the life of me I can't figure how to relate it properly. Have a hard time coming to terms with not only several occurrences of the same table, but also them having different relations.


     Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated!