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Displaying UserName on every layout

Question asked by djs_1 on Dec 23, 2009
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Displaying UserName on every layout


I would like to display the User Name, as set in Preferences under the General tab, in a banner area at the top of each of my layouts. To do this I defined a Calculation field in each of my tables with "Get(UserName)" as the calculation. Later, I did this with my "Information" table and set the storage to Global. This way it appears I can put "<<Information::GetUserName>>" on each page and display the user name. The "Information" table is not related to any other tables, I use it for my preferences values.


Unfortunately, I found if you go into Preferences and the General tab and change the user name to use the manually entered value, it does not force the update out to where it has been used in the tables and layouts. I changed the calculation to not skip recalc if all referenced fields were empty. Still, it is not refreshing.


I'm not thrilled with the need to put calculations in my database tables, still, if this is the best way to do this in FMP, then that is fine. I found that the ability to use "<<...>>" on a page is limited to creating readonly references to fields to the main table or related tables or to a table that contains that field as a global storage value (perhaps this is not a supported use). If I could display a global variable, that would work in that I can have my users close the file and re-open it to cause a refresh. It does not appear that you can show on-the-fly calculated values without channeling them through a database field.


Thank you in advance for any insights on this. I am using FMP 10 on Mac OS 10.6.2.