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Displaying value list issues FMP13

Question asked by JohhnyHilly on Sep 20, 2014
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Displaying value list issues FMP13


I'm having issues with displaying the correct values from a value list. I have 2 tables, Properties and Bills. They are connected by: Properties::_pk_PropertyID = Bills::_fk_PropertyID where _pk_PropertyID is an auto generated serial number.

On a layout (based on Bills), I have a field _fk_PropertyID. This has a dropdown list so I can select which property a bill belongs to. I have created a value list that uses the field _pk_PropertyID and displays values from a second field Properties::PropertyName (with show values from second field selected).

The issue I'm having is when I click on the dropdown list to select the property, the list displays the PropertyName which is fine, but when I select one, it displays the PropertyID in the field instead of the PropertyName. Where am I going wrong to display this properly? Should I be using _fk_PropertyID somewhere instead?

EDIT: Found the problem. If I use the control style as Pop Up Menu the problem goes. Can someone explain to me why using a dropdown menu doesn't display the same as a pop up menu?