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    distorted layout



      distorted layout


      Hey everyone, I've run into a weird problem concerning a layout in my database. I was adding an additional field onto a layout and when i exited layout mode all of the fields and layout objects went crazy, meaning they are overlapping each other and distorted. The layout formatting is totally destroyed when in browse mode, but when i go back into layout mode everything looks fine. When i zoom in a couple times the layout (in browse mode) fixes itself and looks fine...Does anyone know what happened or how i can fix it?? Any help is appreciated! 

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          If you are a Mac user, what you describe sounds similar to this issue:     Edit Layout/Report in Pro 11 Screen turns to gray when using either of the scroll bars.

          This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

          It can also be downloaded as a database file from:    http://www.4shared.com/file/8orL8apk/FMP_Bugs.html

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            Hey Phil, 

            I think in my case the problem has to do with screen orientation/resolution. The layout i am having trouble with on my mac (landscape screen) has no problems on a pc (non-landscape screen). I've also tried putting the file on a pc with a landscape screen and it has the same problems as i have on my mac. I read through the posts dealing with the known-bugs and i see the similarities but in my case the problem is when the layout is at 100% and is fixed when zoomed in to 150%. 

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              What happens if you try to make a duplicate version of this layout from scratch? (Don't duplicate the existing layout or copy objects from it.)

              What happens if you recover the file? (Test the recovered copy even if recover reports no problems found.)

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                I will try duplicating the layout, but it will take some time...I recovered the file, it reported no problems but when i tested it the layout still had the same problems. 

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                  Phil, I've tried duplicating the layout...as close as i can get it without spending a lot more time on tedious details. The duplicate layout has no problems, so my question is how close of a match should it be in order to try and reproduce the layout problem? Do all layout fields/objects have to be exactly the same size as the original? 

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                    It's possible for an individual layout to be corrupted. If you can fully replicate the original (that can be a lot of work, I know) and it doesn't show this issue, you've fixed the problem for now. You might also check older back up copies if you have any to see if they show this issue.

                    It could also be that a small difference between your new layout and the original is why you see this problem on the old and not the new...

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                      ok, so if my duplicate layout is close enough to the original layout and is having no problems i should delete the original and start using the duplicate one and that should fix it? I worry about when you said "you've fixed the problem for now", so this can show up again? 

                      Thinking back on when i originally created the problematic layout i may have found the cause of the corruption. The problematic layout is actually a duplicate of an existing layout...just scaled down to fit a 1024X768 resolution screen, whereas my mac is a 1440X990 resolution screen. would this "scaling down" of the layout cause it to become corrupt? Also, when i first duplicated the layout there was obviously no problems because i would have noticed... but can a corrupt layout expose itself later on? 

                      Thanks for helping me get to the bottom of this! 

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                        When you don't know the original cause of the issue, how can be sure that it's gone for good? Not trying to scare you, just being a tad cautious in how I word my reponses--maybe too cautious in this case! Consider that statement a kind of "your mileage may vary" type of Caveat. Wink

                        Problems with a file sometimes are noticeable on one OS  or version of FileMaker and not another. I once created a FileMaker database on a Mac and then when I opened it on the client's Windows machine, it crashed everytime we accessed that layout. When I re-examined my layout on the Mac system, I noticed that one bitmapped layout image had a bit of "noise" about its edge and flickered just a touch when it came up on the screen. When I deleted it and replaced it with a new copy of the image, the problem was resolved and did not repeat.

                        It's also true that Recovery doesn't always find all possible problems with your file--which could explain why it reported no problems and couldn't fix the issue.

                        On the other hand, your new layout may just have an object positioned a pixel or too differently from the original layout. You can get weird results, for example, if you have even one pixel of a tab control that touches the boundary line between the header and body of your layout...

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                          Ok good to know, i dissected the problematic layout and made sure no layout objects are touching header-body or body-footer boundaries. Would doing this fix the problem if it was associated with the boundaries or would i have to take further steps to undo the corruption? I ask because no problems were fixed by doing this and going back into browse mode. I don't know if this provides any clues to what my problem may be but the main object that goes most wonky is the portal i have on the layout, but as far as i can see there is no problems associated to where the portal is located on the layout.  

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                            If the positon of a layout object is the issue, the layout is not corrupted. You can just edit your original layout to fix the problem.

                            Please note that what I described was specific to tab controls and was given as a possible example of how small differences might affect layout appearance without there being any file or layout corruption involved. Usually, if other objects are a pixel too high or low, they may disappear from the layout in browse mode rather than "garble" the appearance.

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                              Phil, Thanks for helping! My duplicate layout is close enough so i deleted the original and started using the duplicate, everything seems to be in order now!