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Distribution Frequency

Question asked by PaulChan on Mar 31, 2013
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Distribution Frequency


     HI All,

     I am really stuck for the past week trying to figure this out and I hope someone is able to shed some light please.

     I've grouped people via a sort by Last Name.  It would give me the total QTY of records related to the person.  Based on the QTY, I was able to assign a BIN to a range.  Say that the total QTY is 15 and the BIN would be 1000:


     If (GetSummaryBINTotalQty <= 1000; 1000;

     If (GetSummaryBINTotalQty <= 2000; 2000;

     If (GetSummaryBINTotalQty <= 3000; 3000;

     If (GetSummaryBINTotalQty <= 4000; 4000;

     If (GetSummaryBINTotalQty <= 5000; 5000; "5000+")))))


     This portion works.  Now what I want to accomplish next is to count once only the Bin value for each group found like:

     Person A: 1000

     Person B: 2000

     Person C: 1000

     Person D: 1000

     Person E: 5000


     Bin1000= 3

     Bin2000= 1

     Bin3000= 0

     Bin4000= 0

     Bin5000= 1


     What is currently happening is that it is counting the BIN value of each record.  What do I need to do please.