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Dive Center / Carting System for purchases

Question asked by q8khajah on Mar 10, 2014
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Dive Center / Carting System for purchases


     Good day everyone.

     This is my first post and I hope i am posting at the right location and not being repetitive.

     I would appreciate some pointers please, I am developing a FMP system for a newly established scuba dive center.

     The system will have a front end for customer registration (on iPads) and desktop admin layouts for detailed registration, invoicing, printing, reporting, etc

     Part of system is supposed to be when a customer (or group of customers) want to purchase gear, apparel, or services.

     I would like to be able to show a sort of a catalogue for a given customer and be able to add a selected product as if i am adding into a shopping cart .. Then later print an invoice for those selected.

     That last part has been making me scratch my head.. so as mentioned above, any guidance on the direction is appreciated.

     I have attached the graph of where i have reached.