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    Dive Center / Carting System for purchases



      Dive Center / Carting System for purchases


           Good day everyone.

           This is my first post and I hope i am posting at the right location and not being repetitive.

           I would appreciate some pointers please, I am developing a FMP system for a newly established scuba dive center.

           The system will have a front end for customer registration (on iPads) and desktop admin layouts for detailed registration, invoicing, printing, reporting, etc

           Part of system is supposed to be when a customer (or group of customers) want to purchase gear, apparel, or services.

           I would like to be able to show a sort of a catalogue for a given customer and be able to add a selected product as if i am adding into a shopping cart .. Then later print an invoice for those selected.

           That last part has been making me scratch my head.. so as mentioned above, any guidance on the direction is appreciated.

           I have attached the graph of where i have reached.



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               There doesn't seem to be any need for Purchases. The records in LineItems make up a customer's purchases and the set of lineItems linked to a given invoice is a customer's "Shopping cart". "Adding an item to a customer's shopping cart" requires creating a lineItems record linked to that customer's invoice.

               What specific details of the sales process have have you stumped?

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                 I may have used the wrong nomenclature for that particular Table "Purchases". That table is actually for purchases made by the Dive Center itself and I made it so to keep an inventory/stock calculation flow going. I probably should have named it "Supply Purchases" or something.

                 The scenario i have in mind is that a customer walks in, shown an iPad layout of the products most likely in huge pictures (Catalogue) with minimal information such as prices/sizes/manufacturer etc. and I want to be able to ADD a chosen product through that `Catalogue` to a shopping cart that will be checked out (Invoice?).. such as those on online shops.

                 It probably needs a few extra occurances with some relationships.. I cant seem to wrap my head around it.. specially when it comes to multiple occurances crying

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                   To learn more about how to create and use multiple table occurrences, a very key part of how FileMaker is designed to function, see: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

                   You can set up a system where a script creates a new invoice and any needed customer data is either gathered to create a new record in Customers or to select an existing record in customers. The value of __InvoiceIDpk can be put in a global variable ($$InvoiceID) once this new invoice record is set up and linked to a record in Customers. Then the system can take the user to an iPad friendly form view layout based on the Products table.

                   Tapping a button to add the displayed product to the customer's shopping cart would use a script similar to this:

                   Set Variable [$ProductID ; value: Products::__ProductIDpk ]
                   Freeze Window
                   Go to Layout [ "LineItems" (LineItems) ]
                   New Record/Request
                   Set Field [ LineItems::_InvoiceIDfk ; $$InvoiceID ]
                   Set Field [ LineItems::_ProductIDfk ; $ProductID ]
                   Go to Layout [original layout]

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                     Mr. Phil,

                     That makes total sense. I had a feeling that the mechanism will involve mostly scripting.. You made it loud and clear. Can't thank you enough for your help sir.

                     And also, that link is definitely a valuable one.. Going to get a good read.

                     Special Regards...