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Divide a Database in 2

Question asked by JoaoB on May 10, 2014
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Divide a Database in 2


     Dear Sir or Madam

     At this point I am working with one database file. However I need to put some of the records in a different database file that works the same way.

     My questions are:

     1 - Can I change the name of the database file (AAABBB.fp7 to CCCDDD.fp7), it will work exactly?

     2 - If I change the name of the file the File Maker will recognize the folders where some of the images in the records are attached?

     3 - Finally If I copy the database file to a external drive and the respective folders with the images in the records, it will work fine? I get 2 databases exactly equal but in different physical spaces. This means I can erase the records in both databases and get 2 different databases that work exacly but with different records. Is this corrrect?

     Thank you vey much

     Joao B