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dividing related records into two portals

Question asked by DonorTracker on Jan 31, 2009
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dividing related records into two portals


Noobie question from a Bento graduate:


I have an INCOME Table that lists individual income items. If these are paid with a check, the check_number field is filled in.  If by cash, that field is empty. There is a deposit date field, too.


I have a DEPOSITS Table that is linked via the date field to the INCOME Table.


I want two portals in the DEPOSITS Table.  One with checks and one with cash.  Currently I know how to set up a Portal that holds all the income for a particular deposit date; but how would I split this into two Portals, where one holds related records which have check numbers, and the other portal holds the related records that don't have check numbers?  Thank you!