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Dividing summary field by summary data in a separate table

Question asked by abailey3313 on Dec 7, 2009
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Dividing summary field by summary data in a separate table


I am trying to divide a summary field that calculates a Net Income by a separate summary field from another table, which shows the amount of customers. The basic formula I'm looking to calculate is: / Customers


My first attempt was creating a calculation field with that formula, to no avail (field populated with a question mark). I attempted using the GetSummary function, as such: GetSummary(, Customers ). This time the question mark is gone and the field returns blank. Am I using the incorrect break field in the GetSummary command? I currently have the field set up on a sub-summary section of a report that is already sorted based on other data fields there. My end-result should be a single column on this report reflecting the above equation.


The Customers field is generated in a separate table and comes as a result after several other calculation fields are created in a script.


Another wrinkle: the final report where this column should appear is broken down by Job Numbers. So, for instance, there could be 15 different Job Numbers on this report and the ( / Customers ) calculation would need to happen individually for each job, taking the of said job and dividing it by the total number of Customers overall. 


I am using FM 5.5 (unfortunately) on XP.


Any ideas? I'm quite confused...